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Educational offer

About us.

ERGOS, Greek word for «work, company», is the conceptual basis from which our educational and vocational training project starts. Our main goal is becoming a benchmark in training, adaptation and orientation for the world of employment , entrepreneurship and local development in our community.

For us, the internationalization of the project is a key part of the educational gear. Our students are able to improve multiple competences through professional stays in Europe . Also, they can experience in a unique context the skills that we are develop during the time they spend in our center.

We are a Young institution, but in spite of that, we have 4 middle-grade student promotions, more than 50 students, participating in Eramus + professional training programs. Likewise, we have participated in a multilateral cooperation project, “Project EYE”, to develop and improve learning skills in the area of ​​Early Childhood Education, from 0-6 years.

Currently, we keep on participating in new programs and Key Actions, and providing more resources for the internationalization of the center and our students.

Our educational offer:

Middle-grade certifications

Know what each training cycle consists of. Find your way with us..

Sport activities in the nature

Nursing assitant


People in situation of dependency caring

High educations Grades

Know what each training cycle consists of. Find your way with us.


Early years education


Social inclusion

Health system Documentation

Comunication assitence

Sport and physical activities

Oral health

Game and animation

Promotion of equal opportunities in gender

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